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Professional Service Offerings:

**These services are primarily focused on Firewall, Switch, Access Point, Security, and Mobile Device Management (SME) aspects of your infrastructure and do not extend to Server Administration, end user support, or endpoint troubleshooting.

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Free 30 Minute Core Network Evaluation-

Rhino Technology Solutions offers a FREE Core Network Evaluation to ensure you are well informed and confident when choosing your Meraki products. A member from our Deployment Services Team will schedule a thirty-minute collaboration call with an IT representative from your organization. Keeping best practice in mind, together we will architect a custom-built Meraki solution for your environment. 

Topical Overview of Collaboration Call:

  • Current organizational size and projected growth
  • Brief overview of systematic work flow
  • Critical data points
  • Network payload
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Current infrastructure weaknesses


Migration / Deployment Services-

Rhino is proud to offer Migration and Deployment Services for your Cisco Meraki solution, even if you didn’t purchase your gear from us! Our experienced team of Cisco Meraki focused IT Professionals are ready to configure, deploy, and support your Meraki products in various lengths and capacities. Experience has taught us each situation is unique which is why we tailor fit our services to meet your needs. By not “pre-packaging” our services our intent is to reduce unnecessary costs and maximize efficiency.

Available Services:

  • Current LAN and WAN network translation & configuration to Meraki Solution
  • Firewall, Switch, Access Point (Wi-Fi), and Mobile Device Management (SME) configuration pre-hardware arrival (some exclusions do apply)
  • Onsite “Rack & Stack” deployments
  • Infrastructure Support and Management
  • Project consultation services

(Other services are available upon request)


MDM Services / Solutions-

Cisco Meraki’s Mobile Device Management (SME) solution unifies management of thousands of endpoint devices in a secure cloud platform, driving your organization’s mobility initiatives, while maintaining an environment of agility. Organizations gain peace of mind regarding data in BYOD environments, gain streamlined onboarding and automation processes for applications and security policies, and retain control over company owned assets.

Rhino has proven to be a leader in the Meraki Systems Manager market, deploying custom configured MDM Profiles in a wide range of industries. Ranging from Government / Public Sector departments, Education, Retail, Hospitality, and Health Care; Any company who utilizes technical endpoints will benefit from Mobile Device Management (SME).

Systems Manager Services:

  • Collaborative call to determine scope of Management
  • Profile configuration and deployment
  • Dashboard management support
  • Technical documentation pertaining to MDM
  • Available for iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, Chrome OS, & Windows Phone

(Other services are available upon request)


Support / Monitoring-

Cisco Meraki products are engineered with scalability in mind, making the customer base vast and varied. Rhino is fueled by diversity and is honored to work with a wide scope of establishments. We understand some organizations have IT Departments compiled of numerous people, others utilize MSPs, and some rely on a single tech savvy individual already grinding within their ecosystem. No matter what scenario you find yourself in, our Deployment Services can add value to your current infrastructure.

Rhino Deployment Services have experience working with every size organization. Our success has been proven in multi-million-dollar manufacturing plants, all the way to single owner / employee entities. Network Support and Monitoring options are built on a per-customer basis ensuring that we fit everyone’s needs, while keeping an eye on cost and efficiency.

 Support & Monitoring Service Examples:

  • LAN & WAN support in absence of IT representative(s)
  • Collaboration & consultation services centered around efficiency and Best Practice(s)
  • Network Troubleshooting and Resolution
  • MSP model implementation
  • Project Management pertaining to LAN & WAN deployments

(Other services are available upon request)